Nisyros is located northwest of Rhodes, between Kos, Tilos and Astypalea. It is an island of volcanic origin and it is well known for its continuing volcanic activity. The center of the island is occupied by a huge caldera with a four kilometer diameter. The soil of the crater still emits vapors thus creating an eerie landscape of wild beauty. There are no drinking water sources on the island, which was a problem in the past. Because of this, many residents migrated to Athens or bigger islands such as Rhodes or abroad.

Because of its remote location, combined with the lack of drinking water and the migration of residents, Nisyros did not experience great tourist development until recently. On the island you can see ancient castles, Byzantine monuments, basilicas and chapels with famous frescoes and monasteries. Also, there is a network of hiking trails which is the best way for someone to wander in the countryside of the island.

Traditions and festivals are an important aspect of everyday life. The inhabitants of Nisyros love dancing and singing and celebrate weddings or christenings with the music of the violin, the zither and lute.

How to get there:

  • By ship: Nisyros is connected with the port of Piraeus and the journey lasts 14 hours with stopovers at several islands of the Aegean. It is also connected with islands like Rhodes, Mykonos, Leros, Kalymnos, Patmos etc.
  • By plane: The island does not have an airport, but you can fly to the nearby airports of Rhodes or Kos and then take the ship to Nisyros.