Archaeological Museum of of Nisyros

The Archaeological Museum of Nisyros in Mandraki was founded by Giannidis brothers, who donated it to the Ministry of Culture in 2001. It includes findings from the prehistoric establishment on Giali, the volcanic islet opposite Nisyros, which date back to the Final Neolithic Period of the 4th millennium BC. Excavations on Giali revealed an intact Neolithic building, remains of other buildings, and a cemetery. Also the museum includes findings from the necropolis of the ancient city, which date to the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Period.

The cemetery in St. John region has revealed burials of the deceased in large clay jars and sarcophagi with an abundance of offerings such as vases, clay figurines and jewelry. Furthermore, the discoveries include a few sculptures, honorary and votive inscriptions addressed to the main deities of the island, inscribed bases of statues and tombstones.

Finally, the museum includes findings from the Early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine era of Nisyros. The exhibition includes Early Christian capitals of the 5th and 6th century AD, a Middle Byzantine iconostasis from the church of Panagia Spiliani, parts of frescoes from the Byzantine churches of the island and visual material related to the most important churches, castles and post byzantine churches of Nisyros.

Open hours: Daily except Monday, 08:00-15:00

Mandraki, 03 853, Nisyros