Hot Springs of Mandraki

In many parts of Nisyros you can find hot springs. From all springs, the only ones that have been subject to economic exploitation are those of Paloi and Mandraki. The use of the waters of Mandraki began in 1870 by Nicholas Apostolidis. After he was cured, he built two rooms and three baths, which he donated to the community of Mandraki.

The community built the first baths in 1885. The west side was expanded ten years later while the east side was developed further in 1911 and since then, the complex consists of three main buildings made of stone.

The first building stands out for its simplicity. The second building has some neoclassical morphological elements such as corner pilasters and small balconies. The third building is characterized by the symmetrically arranged architectural elements of the facade.

On the north side of the complex there is a dock. On the south side there are the auxiliary rooms and warehouses. A small wooden bridge connects the west building to these areas. A large yard (with a small chapel in the interior) surrounds the entire complex.

Mandraki, 03 853, Nisyros